Themes for Falling Lightblocks

Create your own themes or download themes made by others. With a theme, you can change the look of the blocks, the game screen and the music and sounds.

This site gives you the information needed to create your own themes. Themes are supported by the Android and iOS versions from v1.3.1916 on.



Based on Kristi's wallpaper.


With chilling music/sounds. Based on Descender.

How to create a theme

A theme is a zip archive with the following contents:

  • theme.json - json file describing the theme. Mandatory
  • theme.png - TextureAtlas containing all needed images (optional)
  • theme.atlas - description file for theme.png (optional)
  • Sound files - use ogg for Android or mp3 for iOS and Android (optional)

See the template json for further documentation of the possible settings and use the template as a starting point.