Easy puzzle game with falling blocks which can be rotated on their way down. Full lines are cleared.

Compete with others on the leaderboards, or start a multiplayer game against direct opponents. Challenging missions will teach you all things you need to defeat them!

Completely free, and open source. No advertisements and no pay to win purchases!
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Supported platforms

Android and Fire devices

Outstanding touch control, tilt control, game controller support, global and local multiplayer mode and much more for your Android phone or tablet or your ChromeOS device.

Apple mobile devices

Falling Lightblocks is available for iPhones and iPads. Outstanding touch control, tilt control, game controller support, global and local multiplayer mode that works cross-platform with Android.

Smart TVs

Falling Lightblocks is available for Amazon FireTV and Android TV. You can play it with your TV remote, or by connecting a game controller.

Desktops and other mobiles

On Windows, MacOS, Linux and other devices, play the mobile-friendly webgame version. Outstanding touch control, keyboard control and game controller support, turn-based multiplayer mode.


Falling Lightblocks supports themes. Go to the Theme documentation page for more information.

Multiplayer Server

The new server-controlled multiplayer mode is in beta now. You can run your own server in your own local network, or open the ports to provide a server for others to use. The server is a jar file (comparable to the Minecraft servers) to run with Java. You'll find the latest version precompiled on GitHub.
More information on how to set up a server.

Game controllers

Game controller compatibility depends on the platform you are playing the game on.

You can use any Bluetooth or USB game controller with Falling Lightblocks. Use an USB OTG adapter to plug wired controllers to your Android device.

With iOS 13+, you can use a PS4 or Xbox controller or a controller emulating keyboard events.

If you run an older iOS version, use any certified MFI controller or a controller supporting iCade mode.