Easy puzzle game with falling blocks which can be rotated on their way down. Full lines are cleared.

Compete with others on the leaderboards, or start a multiplayer game against direct opponents. Challenging missions will teach you all things you need to defeat them!

Completely free. No advertisements and no pay to win purchases!
If you want, you can support the development with a donation.

Supported platforms

Desktops and iOS

On iPhones, Windows, MacOS and Linux, play the mobile-friendly webgame version. Outstanding touch control, keyboard control and game controller support. Competitive multiplayer mode coming soon.

Android and Fire devices

Outstanding touch control, tilt control, game controller support, online and offline real time multiplayer mode and much more for your Android phone or tablet.

Smart TVs

Falling Lightblocks is available for Amazon FireTV and Android TV. You can play it with your TV remote, or by connecting a game controller.

Recommended controllers

The following controllers are tested with Falling Lightblocks. See the description for further details.

ipega 9023

Works via bluetooth or USB connection on FireTV stick, Android devices and Desktops.

iBuffalo Classic

Original look and feel. Works via USB connection on Desktops and with USB OTG adapter on Android devices. Very long cable!

Other compatible controllers

You can use any Android-compatible game controller with Falling Lightblocks.